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The Birthday Party


MUTINY IN HEAVEN - Ian White’s long-in-the-making feature doc on the chaotic story of seminal Australian band THE BIRTHDAY PARTY – had its World Premiere on home soil at the 2023 Melbourne International Film Festival, FRIDAY AUGUST 12th. 


The film prophetically launched at the glorious Astor Theatre in St Kilda, where the band infamously performed in the early 80s – Director Ian White and founding band member Mick Harvey were special guests with a Q&A and discussion post film. 


There was a follow-up Melbourne screening on August 12th at The Forum; plus MIFF regional screenings at Castlemaine and Bendigo the same week.


Brought to you by Beyond TNC, Cargo Distribution and LABEL, we now see the film move into International Premiere with the US launching in September and Australian national cinema release in over 20 cinemas in October  and November. 


APRIL 1, 2024
MARCH 4, 2024
FEBRUARY 27, 2024
FEBRUARY 23, 2024
JANUARY 16, 2024
JANUARY 8, 2024
DECEMBER 21, 2023
DECEMBER 18, 2024
DECEMBER 12, 2023
DECEMBER 1, 2024
NOVEMBER 21, 2023
NOVEMBER 8, 2023
NOVEMBER 13, 2023
NOVEMBER 6, 2023
NOVEMBER 6, 2023
OCTOBER 27, 2023
OCTOBER 31, 2023
OCTOBER 30, 2023


label prepares to RELEASE THE BATS in 2023!

Boutique Australian film distributor Label is utterly terrified to announce that it has acquired Australian & NZ rights to the long-awaited feature-doc on the legendary Australian post-punk band THE BIRTHDAY PARTY.


Named after one of the band's most lacerating songs, MUTINY IN HEAVEN is the definitive record of one of the most influential bands of the late 20th Century, a band whose presence and influences continue well into the 21st.


Based around the unique and mercurial talents of Nick Cave (vocals), Mick Harvey(guitar), Rowland S. Howard(guitar), Phill Calvert(drums) and Tracy Pew(bass), THE BIRTHDAY PARTY exploded out of Melbourne’s punk scene in the late 70s, first as The Boys Next Door, before morphing into the more sonourously assaulting BIRTHDAY PARTY.


Built largely around little-seen personal archives and the band's own words, Australian Director Ian White has constructed a pure and unmediated account of the madness and chaos that produced such incendiary sounds.


Label is planning a cinema release for MUTINY IN HEAVEN: THE BIRTHDAY PARTY later in 2023, across October and November, with founding members Mick Harvey and Phil Calvert in attendance. No bats will be involved. And no strippers.


This follows Label's successful 2021 release of the acclaimed doc LOVE IN BRIGHT LANDSCAPES: The Story of David McComb of The Triffids, a band with a parallel lineage to The BIRTHDAY PARTY and their subsequent incarnation, NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS.




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